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Have you tried the calculators on our site? You can avoid the pain of traditional longhand engineering calculations; just plug the numbers in and out comes the answer. Why not give our calculators section a try! It allows you to save time when designing or modifying a steam or similar system.

The calculators work on a phone, so if you are out on site and want to check a valve size or a flow rate, as long as you have a mobile signal, and it is safe to use your phone you can do so. Our calculators and unit converters include:

Convert units

  • Unit converter                                                                                                                        

General steam and condensate

  • Cost of steam generation estimator                                                                                      
  • Heat to steam estimator                                                                                                        
  • Flash steam generation estimator                                                                                         
  • Increasing condensate return savings estimator                                                                   

Boiler house

  • Total dissolved solids blowdown rate estimator from steam boiler                                       
  • Actual boiler output estimator                                                                                                

Steam pipe                                                     

  • Steam pipe sizing estimator                                                                                                   

Steam valves

  • Steam flow through valve estimator                                                                                      
  • Steam valve Kv estimator                                                                                                     
  • Steam valve pressure drop estimator                                                                                               

Steam heat exchangers

  • Heat load and secondary flow rate estimator for steam to water heat exchangers             

Steam leaks

  • Steam leaking from hole estimator                                                                                       
  • Steam leaking through a steam trap estimator                                                                     

Air handling

  • Heat rating of steam air heater battery estimator                                                                  
  • Steam load of air heater battery estimator                                                                            

Steam and condensate system energy saving

  • Condensate return savings estimator for steam and condensate systems                          
  • Saving estimator for fixing defective steam traps                                                                 

C02 calculator

  • CO2 estimator for steam generation                                                                                     

General engineering calculators

  • Volume of tanks and vessels estimator                                                                                 
  • Heat required to raise temperature estimator                                                            
  • Heat load and secondary flow rate estimator for heat exchangers                           

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