Want to learn about how steam is used in your everyday goods and services?

From the food we eat, to the beer we drink, to the electricity we use? 

Please go to the Why Steam section. It covers in detail how steam is used in everyday goods and services, in ways that you had probably never even thought about…


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On our homepage you will find articles on steam engineering. From news and developments, to things which we think you will find interesting. We want these articles to appeal both to the interested person and Engineers alike. Please check back on a regular basis to see as new articles get uploaded.

Resources and calculators

If you’re an Engineer you will find many resources on our site. Our many calculators allow you to save time when designing or modifying a steam or similar system. The calculators work on a phone, so if you are out on site and want to check a valve size or a flow rate, as long as you have a mobile signal, and it is safe to use your phone you can do so. Our drawing application section provides standard layouts for many systems.

Rest of steammain

Steam is a widely used medium and is vital to modern day goods and services that we come to rely on. Unfortunately to some there seems to be a myth that steam is old fashioned and linked with the industrial revolution. Or that steam was only ever used in steam trains. We hope that this website will help to dispel this myth. By giving steam a ‘voice’ it is possible to illustrate how integral it is to modern life and how it will be used far into the future.

This site was created to be an resource for anybody involved in steam, condensate, and the numerous related engineering areas.

It is hoped that the content here will help to educate people who have no or limited experience in steam engineering, and to do so in language that the layperson can understand. This can only broaden the support for steam. As well as providing information and knowledge to the experienced Engineer.

We hope that you enjoying using steammain.com