Modern steam engineering

Want to learn about how steam is used in your everyday goods and services? From the food we eat, to the beer we drink, to the electricity we use? Please go to the Why Steam s [...]

Posted on 04 Jul 2014

Moroccan Noor 1 solar plant and steam

Further to our pervious articles on concentrated solar thermal power plants (CSP), we are pleased to hear the news that the first phase of a giant new plant is shortly to begin o [...]

Posted on 09 Dec 2015

Nuclear submarines and steam

Like or loath them, Nuclear submarines, the vessels that slip silently under the sea travelling for months submerged, rely on steam. Nuclear powered submarines can generally [...]

Posted on 26 Oct 2015

World's largest gas turbine

The world’s largest gas turbine, built at General Electric’s (GE) manufacturing facility in Belfort, France is being installed at the Électricité de Fra [...]

Posted on 18 Sep 2015

Coal, steam and electricity

Fossil fuel and nuclear power accounts for approximately 80% of the world’s total grid-connected electrical power supply. Coal is the most used of the fossil fuels. Wh [...]

Posted on 31 Aug 2015

Gas turbine power plants and steam

There are many power plants across the globe that use gas turbines to generate electricity. Steam plays an important part in the production of electricity on these sites, includi [...]

Posted on 17 Aug 2015

Steam tables

These are tables that allow steam designers and users to look up data on the properties of steam. This allows calculations to be made to ensure the best use of steam, and to help [...]

Posted on 06 Aug 2015

Clean steam types

Steam is used in many different applications and processes. In most of these cases what is called ‘plant’ is used, which is fit for purpose and very effective. In som [...]

Posted on 17 Jul 2015

Steam traps and trapping

What is a steam trap? Very simply it’s a valve that operates automatically to allow condensate, air or other gases to be discharged from a steam system, whilst also ensurin [...]

Posted on 10 Jul 2015

Paris steam system

Paris the capital of France is served by a large district heating system using steam, in fact the system contains 450 km of steam pipework. Paris is an important centre of fina [...]

Posted on 03 Jul 2015

Hospital steam use

There are many hospitals which use steam, as it is a vital part of allowing hospitals to function and treat patients. Steam permits high energy densities and enables large amount [...]

Posted on 26 Jun 2015

Palm oil and steam

Palm oil is used for food products, detergents, cosmetics and increasingly biofuel. Example products include; shampoo, ice cream, margarine, and lipstick, which all contain palm [...]

Posted on 19 Jun 2015

Waste, steam, district heating, and Nottingham

There are many towns and cities around the world that use district heating, and many of these district heating systems also use steam. For an example of this in the UK we chose [...]

Posted on 10 Jun 2015

Geothermal energy and steam

Power from inside the planet is an affordable and sustainable solution to energy needs for many parts of the planet, and steam is a vital part of its generation. Heat from the ea [...]

Posted on 29 May 2015

Ellenroad Engine House Museum under closure threat?

A steam museum which houses the sole working survivors of the great twin horizontal tandem compound steam engines which powered Lancashire's mills throughout the latter part [...]

Posted on 29 May 2015

Textile services and steam

Ever wondered how sheets, pillow cases, and table linen are pressed on a large scale for large hotels? Laundry services are normally outsourced and/or centralised by many large o [...]

Posted on 22 May 2015

Steam trap survey and energy saving

The long term price of energy continues to rise, and organisations are under constant pressure to save energy and drive costs down. Sustainability has become a hot topic, and for [...]

Posted on 15 May 2015

Steam thermocompressors

Steam is the common source of heat in many process industries. There is a financial cost associated with the generation of this steam, so it is therefore imperative that its use [...]

Posted on 07 May 2015

Tyres and steam

If asked the question what is the most important part of your vehicle, how would you reply? Many might say the engine, or steering wheel, however it can be said that tyres are th [...]

Posted on 30 Apr 2015

Steam, an illustrious past

Whilst steammain tries to concentrate on modern uses of steam it would be wrong not to illustrate the key role that steam has played in history. Anyone with a small degree of i [...]

Posted on 23 Apr 2015

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