Steam Consultancy Services

Independent Advice on Steam and Condensate Systems

Steam Main is an independent steam consultancy services organisation. We provide confidence and assurance that solutions are designed from first principles without vendor influence. Because of this it ensures you as the customer are not tied to any single manufacturer.

Steam and condensate design consultancy

The Services We Provide

Our services cover the full range of steam and condensates systems and  have experience in virtually every sector and industry. The type of services provided include:

  • New steam and condensate systems design
  • Alterations to existing steam infrastructure
  • Site survey and report on steam and condensate utilisation and recommendations on improving system efficiency
  • Integrating steam expanders and steam turbines
  • Condensate recovery system review and recommendations on increasing recovery and efficiency
  • Design of steam and condensate for temporary boiler installations
  • Integrating waste heat recovery systems from Combined Heat and Power systems
  • Strategic advice and development plans for desteaming and converting to LTHW or Heat Pump technology to support achieving zero carbon targets

There is extensive experience in combined heat and power designing from first principles or fault finding. We offer advice whether you require a new system design or are looking to reduce the amount of waste heat being rejected to improve your carbon foot print. Our senior designer has years of experience working across many industries.

Steam boiler house Steam Main

The Website is a Wealth of Steam Information

The website is a general resource for anyone interested in steam and condensate engineering. It includes:

  • Information on steam and condensate engineering with many articles providing guidance that will help engineers build up their knowledge of steam design
  • Numerous articles covering general news and information on steam related matters
  • In the resources section you’ll find numerous tools to help with steam engineering design including a unit conversion page

Solving Your Steam Problems

If you have a problem with your steam system, think its performing poorly or are looking to make some changes to your system and need some advice please get in touch.