Cost of steam generation estimator

Steam boiler pressure
Fuel type
Cost of fuel (per kwh gas, per ltr oil, per kg coal) £
Steam boiler efficiency %
Steam boiler blowdown percentage %
Boiler feedwater temperature
Raw water cost £/per 1000L
Water treatment cost £/per 1000L
Effluent cost £/per 1000L
Estimated direct cost of steam generation


Assumes that steam generated has dryness fraction of 97%, saturated steam

Boiler blowdown may include; tds and bottom blowdown

Typical calorific values for the fuel are used. These may vary

Actual figures may vary depending on condensate return rates, flash steam recovery, and any other similar equipment. Labour and maintenance costs are not included

Figures calculated are of a simple theoretical nature and other variables may need to be considered depending on application