Steam traps are not normally installed just on their own. To aid maintenance and to protect the trap itself they are installed with other items. These will vary depending on the trap application and location.

A standard steam trapping set that will cover most mains drainage and other similar applications can however be said to consist of, double isolation valves, strainer, steam trap, non-return valve, and a downstream isolation valve. A bypass may also be fitted to divert condensate during maintenance if appropriate. Thought can also being given to the fitment of a steam trap monitoring device or a sight glass.

A traditional steam trapping station will be fabricated on site using the required individual parts which are connected using; screwed, welded, or flanged connections. To save this work there is now a prefabricated steam trapping station option, the STS17.2 from Spirax Sarco.

The STS17.2 steam trapping station comprises all the components needed for a steam trap installation in one easy to fit package. Comprising; isolation valves, steam trap connector with strainer and a check valve in a single-piece body. The single body virtually eliminates the potential leak paths caused by the connections that conventional steam trapping stations and on-site fabricated installations can suffer from.

The steam trap is bolted to the STS17.2 using two bolts. Therefore the steam trap must be a universal type suitable for this type of connection. Universal type steam traps are available in different types (float, TD, Inverted bucket, and balance pressure), and are also manufactured by different companies as well as Spirax Sarco. The advantage of using the universal connector is that steam traps can be changed without breaking the pipeline.

The option of single or double upstream isolation is available on the STS17.2. To make full use of the advantages of the universal connector the double isolation option seems the one to go for from our point of view. Steam trap monitoring facility is an option too, it is screwed into the strainer if selected.

The unit is available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch sizes with screwed, or welded connections.